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Marriages Records Search Marriages Records Search
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Every society enlarges itself through marriages. Records of Marriages are one of the prime vital records apart from the birth records, divorce records & death records. Marriages happened from centuries are stored here with utmost care. As a genuine records service provider since the year 2005, we have taken a special care to make this website most user-friendly & index each & every marriages records from the years of 1750’s. A tremendously big database of more than 300 million US marriages records & more than 2 million records on marriages added in every month as an update process.

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This 2008 edition of US Marriages Records Database has compiled a huge records & resources dating back to the early 1750’s. One can experience an unlimited database access of other Public Records like Birth Records, Divorce Records, Death Records, People find Records, Military Records, Offender Records, Court Records, Land Records, Australian People Records, Census Records & Obituary Records Search in an INSTANT ACCESS SERVICES.

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"My childhood hobby was to build my own family tree. For that reason, I have to gather my ancestor’s marriages records. While searching, I’ve found out & I hit the pay-dirt. All the records of marriages happened during long 150 years of my near-lost ancestors’ has been indexed here. Any one can access any marriages records with a simple click & cost of registration is really nominal here comparing to other records providers. A true user-friendly & trustworthy site this is, I must say!"

Glen Cash

"My grandmother had a big family on her side. She carried a lineage of the famous families of America. We used to see huge gatherings on any family meet, in childhood. When my grandma was on her deathbed, we tried to offer her a presentation in form of a family tree. All the marriages happened on her family from the early years was presented to her through well indexed records. Who other than the helped in this mammoth task? We, from the Kerry family, salute this service provider for their excellent database."

Tim Kerry
Washington D.C

"Century old marriages records are available now in most user friendly way. The records area has a huge database & they update marriages records regularly. One of the unique features of their service is of Search Expert. If any user does not get the desired result in normal search, the search expert team dig out the record from various databank. Registration fee is also economical compared to other search sites. I will tell everybody about the performance of & wish them every success."

Chris Burton
Las Vegas

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